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We believe that MillionDollarMatrix is set to create the next generation of Networkers Millionaires and we have designed a simple yet powerful Compensation Plan that can allow you to acquire as much as you care to work for.

Here's your chance, and actually the fastest way, to acquire your dream of financial freedom without having to do anything extraordinary.

We have two distinct Membership Options:


Becoming a member of MillionDollarMatrix is FREE! Your FREE Membership entitles you to receive some advertising credits and regular and timely updates and new information on everything related to the industry. Under this Option you will not be positioned in the Pay Plan Matrix and therefore you are not eligible to earn any Affiliate Commissions or Bonuses.

2x20 Forced Matrix & Fast Start Bonus Earning

From the sale of Advertising Product Packages. this PRO Membership Option entitles you to earn Affiliate Commissions and all related Bonuses. The start-up cost is $25 plus one-time $5 fee then only $25 monthly - Once your purchase is complete and you are fully upgraded, you are placed in the next available spot under your Sponsor in a 2 x 20 Forced Matrix. Now you are ready to start accumulating earned income as your Team grows.

Even if you have never sponsored anyone before, our pay plan allows you to earn over a Million Dollars per month without requiring you to refer anyone. However, to further reward our team leaders, we have created the Fast Start Bonus feature. This feature allows you to earn a $25.00 Fast Start Bonus your first month on all new personal referrals.

So Refer One and your monthly membership is FREE!


As Members join, they’re placed in their sponsor’s Direct Matrix. Matrix means that you will be placed in one of two legs (left or right) in your sponsor’s organization. You will then be compensated based on successfully building your organization. Your sponsor (or anyone else in your upline) may also place Members in your organization. As your organization begins to grow, you are entitled to Direct-Matrix Commissions based on the total sales generated on your 2x20 Direct Matrix.

Starting with the second month, all levels have a percentage paid out based on the matrix sale.

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