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Name: James Towery

Location: Tx - United States

Phone number : 5951348

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19-Feb-2021 13:09
Soft launch modification
Dear future Millionaires,   We are forced to put a temporary hold on payments for the Million Dollar Matrix. You can register new members, however.  This soft launch change will be lifted in a few days so stay tuned.    None of your $25 payments that have already been made are at risk of being lost. So don't panic.    Stay tuned.    Thanks COO  John Dierksmeier.  Founder 
18-Feb-2021 12:26
MDM Update...we are live with the soft launch
Call tonight  at 8:30 pm Eastern, February 18th to discuss featuresof the new website. Get this information to all of your downline and contacts. If you are a VIP during pre-launch you can now log in and play with the back office.  Some features are being updated and will be discussed tonight  but you can give your link to others to build your 2x2 if it is not already full. Each person's 2x2  needs to be full to be in the 2x20 million-dollar spillover matrix. You won't see anyone in the Tree view until you are in it yourself. Your up... 
17-Feb-2021 22:27
Important Update... Soft Launch
Call tomorrow night at 8:30 pm, February 18th to discuss featuresof the new website.Get this information to your group's sense the company internetis still intermittent.Texas is thawing out. The technical staff anticipates the websitegoing live sometime early tomorrow morning February 18th.Hooray!This timing will allow our international partners in Europe tohave a chance to start bringing new members in at about the sametime as the US. We anticipate many questions, so please don't submit support ticketsuntil leaders have a chance to converse and provide completeanswers to you. In any c... 


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